The Association has a numbers of books and pamphlets which are of general, specific and historical interest. The full list may be downloaded at RBKA Book lists and is also shown below. Members may borrow, indefinitely, any of these publications. Please contact the Secretary for further information or if you wish to borrow anything.

Loans are restricted to RBKA Members.

3Hardback Books


    • Beeswax, Brown, R [1981]
    • Honey by the Ton, Field, O [1983]
    • Honey Identification, Sawyer, R [1988]
    • Honeybees, a Guide to Management, Brown, R [1983]
    • The Art of Beekeeping, Hamilton, W [1988]
    • The Honeybees of the British Isles, Cooper, B A [1951]
  • The Observation Hive, Showler, K [1978]

Softback Books

  • A Book of Honey, Crane, E [1980]
  • A Case of Hives, Heath, L [1985]
  • A Taste of Honey, Wittick, B [1981]
  • About Bees and Honey, Althea [1979]
  • All About Mead, Andrews, S W [1982]
  • At The Hive Entrance, Storch, H [1985]
  • Beekeeping and the Law – Swarms and Neighbours, Frimston, D & Smith, D [1993]
  • Beekeeping Study Notes, Yates, J D & Yates, B D [1992]
  • Honey From Source to Showbench, Rounce, J [1990]
  • Honey in the Kitchen, White, J [1978]
  • Honey Marketing, Riches, H [1989]
  • Pest Control Safe for Bees, Walker, A [1986]
  • Queen Rearing Simplified, Cook, Vince [1986] – recently returned
  • Swarming, Snelgrove, L E [1955]
  • The New Varroa Handbook, Mobus, B & de Bruyn C [1993]5


  • A Guide to Swarm Control, Anon [undated]
  • Acarine, ADAS/MAFF [1983]
    Basic Honey Processing,
    Allan, M [1983]
  • Bee Stings and Adrenaline, Lalonde, T P [1957]
  • Beekeeping in Western Canada, Szabo, T I & Nelson, D L [1975]
  • Clearing Bees from Supers, Laker, C [1983]4
  • Foul Brood, ADAS/MAFF [1982]
  • Granulated or Crystalized Honey, Tonsley, C C [undated]
  • Judging Honey on the Jar, Tonsley, C C [undated]
  • Living with Varroa jacobsoni, Anon [1992]
  • Make Yourself a Nucleus Hive, Taylor, F A [1990]
  • Mead and Mead Making, Andrews, S W [undated]
  • Nosema and Amoeba – two diseases of adult bees, Anon [1982]
  • Operating and Observation Hive, Waring, A [1983]
  • Preparation of Liquid Honey, Tonsley, C C [undated]
  • Production and Exhibition of Comb Honey, Robson, W S [undated]
  • Queen Rearing, Anon [undated]Recipes Using Beeswax, Carter M [undated]
  • Success – Chance or Design?, Wix, P [1968]
  • 6The Beeway Code, Anon [undated]
  • The Price of a Pound of Honey, Hawthorne, G R [1968]
  • Varroa jacobsoni, host-parasite-pathogen interactions, Ball, B V [1995]
  • Varroasis – a parasitic disease of honeybees, Anon [1983]
  • Wax for Show, Padmore, F [undated]