New RBKA Email Addresses

We have now established the following new email addresses, which are active: Chair [currently Louise Hampson] chair@ryedalebees.co.uk Treasurer [currently Tim Phillips] treasurer@ryedalebees.co.uk Secretary [currently Julie Thompson] secretary@ryedalebees.co.uk Training [currently Rhona Sutherland] training@ryedalebees.co.uk General Enquiries enquiries@ryedalebees.co.uk For the time being, old…
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2023 AGM

The 2023 AGM will be held Tuesday November 14th in Wombleton Village Hall. The meeting will start at 1900. New Officers are needed…how about volunteering to support your Association!

Next Meeting!!

The Next RBKA meeting is on Tuesday 12th April – 7pm in Wombleton Village Hall. It will be a talk entitled Mead for Beginners by Simon Lathlean with  Honey Cake Tasting [Contributions welcome!!]