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Summaries and links to the latest news, bulletins and announcements from the British Beekeepers Association [BBKA] and theYorkshire Beekeepers Association [YBKA].

December YBKA Newsletter

The December Newsletter is now available – Happy Christmas from YBKA!

 2019 YBKA Newsletters

The following YBKA Newsletters from 2019 are also available:

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News from BBKA

A letter, sent on behalf of a number of beekeeping and bee-oriented organisations, has been sent to the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. It concerns pesticide use and bees.

A copy of the letter has been sent to us by BBKA and may be found by following this link.

BBKA January Message from the Chair

The January Newsletter from BBKA is now available to read online.

Latest from BBKA

This link takes you to the latest bulletin from the Chair of BBKA concerning, amongst other things, the Honey Survey. See Chair’s statement…

News from BBKA

To read the latest news and information from BBKA…follow the link

New BBKA Forum Established

A new Forum for discussions on bees and beekeeping has been set up by the British Bee Keepers Association, it may be accessed here:  BBKA Forum