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RBKA is run and managed by a Committee comprising a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and five members. For 2017-2018 these are:


National Associations

Hiving the swarmTwo associations with which RBKA is closely linked are the British Beekeepers Association [BBKA] and the Yorkshire Beekeepers Association [YBKA]. More information on these groups and their roles in regional and national beekeeping may be found on their websites.

The National Bee Unit site, BeeBase, has a great deal of information on bees and beekeeping, as well as a number of useful resources and surveys which can be downloaded and/or accessed online.


Knowledge Base

  • National Bee Unit
  • Dave Cushman Beekeeping and Bee Breeding
  • Bee tight  is an interesting and useful site that allows records of your apiary to be kept, and updated, online. Free membership allows records for up to six hives to be stored through your PC or Mac, and there are apps available for Ios and Android-based mobile systems
  • Bee-craft, a useful magazine by subscription

Beekeeping Supplies – mention of a supplier does not indicate an endorsement of their products



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