COLOSS Hive Survey – Interested??

COLOSS is a pan European network of researchers, beekeepers and government representatives that provides resources and opportunities to disseminate latest bee keeping research.

The mission of COLOSS is to improve the well-being of bees (in particular the western honey bee Apis mellifera) at a global level.

COLOSS is organising a survey in more than 30 countries, and most of the European regions are involved in COLOSS monitoring. Each national co-ordinator runs a similar survey in their own country, using a standardised questionnaire. The national co-ordinators are a mix of university researchers and academics (in biology, zoology, veterinary science, statistics, computer science) and professional beekeeping advisers, all with an interest in honey bee well-being. Many are themselves beekeepers. More information about COLOSS can be found at

More information about the Survey can be found on our news page

Address: Institute of Bee Health University of Bern Schwarzenburgstrasse 161 3003 Bern Switzerland